Black Friday 2022: save up to 50% on a ‘How It Works’ magazine subscription

Black Friday 2022 - Save up to 50% on a 'How It Works' subscription

Black Friday 2022 – Save up to 50% on a ‘How It Works’ subscription
(Image credit: Future)

Black Friday 2022 has officially landed, and with it comes an amazing deal from Live Science’s partner magazine „How It Works (opens in new tab).“

Ever wondered what would happen if you fell down a black hole or how to build a supercar? Our sister publication How It Works is the action-packed magazine that’s bursting with the answers to your curious questions. Below, you can read an issue for free: just scroll down, enlarge to full screen and enjoy!

In the latest issue, discover the many ways artificial intelligence will change the way we work and live. Also: how we predict and track hurricanes, see inside the US Pentagon, how to breathe in space, the science behind the many colours of an iceberg, secrets of the pyramids, and much more. Plus, every reader has a chance of winning a coding robot worth £199.99!  

For a limited time only (now through to Nov. 29), you can get up to 50% off a How It Works subscription (opens in new tab) in our Black Friday sale.

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